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  • Big Carp Killer artwork on the back.
  • Smaller Carp Killer / Blokesworld logo on the front.
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BLACK Carp Killer T-Shirt


Product Description

Just like the white Blokesworld Carp Killer T-Shirt, EXCEPT IN BLACK!!11!

The carp killer was inspired by Ado & Camera 3's recent NASCAR Road Trip - when they first experienced the awesome sport of bow fishing. Carp are a considered significant pest species in North America, Canada and Australia, and cause serious damage to native aquatic plants, animals and general health of lakes & rivers. So you can force feed 'em arrows with clear conscience! Now in new Blacker(tm) black, you'll be a like a bow wielding ninja of the night. The slimey bastards won't see you coming. You'll be in & out (that's what she said) so fast (that's also what she said) that the bass will be lined up to thank you for saving their habitat. 

It's got the big Carp Killer artwork on the back, and a smaller Blokesworld logo on the front.